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How Does CBD Help Pets Lead a Happier and Healthier Life?

CBD for cats

With CBD growing in popularity, many pet owners entertain the idea of using it on their dogs and help them feel better overall. The great thing about using CBD is that it doesn’t have the same mind-altering traits that THC has, so you can use it safely while helping your canine friend feel genuine relief.

What Does Science Tell Us?

In total, there are 80 different cannabinoid substances that can be derived from the cannabis plant, and CBD is one of them – in fact, it’s one of the most important ones. These compounds are used by the body to regulate the endocannabinoid receptors that are responsible for how various stimuli might be perceived by the body. So whenever you perceive pain or pleasure, or your body’s immune system acts to trigger or reduce inflammation in various areas, you can be sure that cannabinoids are involved in that.

Now, as of yet, there are very few studies that could even hint as to what the effect of CBD might be on pets – especially in the long run. Although this is true, anecdotal evidence exists galore, pointing to the remarkable efficiency of CBD for cats and dogs with arthritic pain feel better, treating inflammation the same way as you’d treat it in humans, and even alleviate some of the pain and symptoms attributed to various forms of cancer.

Recognizing the Difference Between THC and CBD

While THC might be the active compound that causes an altered state of mind and a state of high when you smoke marijuana, CBD is one that strictly targets receptors that have more to do with regulating the body’s health and vitality. If you’re feeling devoid of energy, in pain or you’re experiencing inflammation, then taking CBD can assist you without getting you high.

The same result – or at least similar ones – can be seen when it comes to dogs. Most dogs that are given CBD for pain will quickly show signs of improvement, and everything from mild anxiety to severe arthritic pain and seizures, have been found to diminish when you give a dog a good quality CBD product in the right dosage.

Even though the research that has to do with using CBD to help dogs is not quite up to par with the rest of what the scientific community has to offer on THC and CBD, many experts agree that the health benefits of CBD for cats and dogs cannot be overemphasized.

Pain Relief, Arthritis and CBD

Veterinarians who have seen the impact that the use of CBD has on most dogs claim that the best advantages are gained when utilizing the compound to fend off arthritis and pain. For arthritic dogs, the old days of running after frisbee and jumping up on the couch seem to be long gone. However, CBD can often turn your pooch’s life around before you know it.

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