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Music Written by People Who Were Stoned

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The term “stoned” refers to being under the influence of light drugs, especially marijuana and to the altered state of mind achieved as the result of consuming such psychoactive substances. Marijuana consumption is usually associated with stress relief and a carefree, light-hearted and cheerful attitude, with heightened creativity as well as with more intense sensory experiences – small wonder so many great music hits have been composed under the influence of pot.

Many great musicians, both today, when the environment is more permissive and marijuana has been legalized in many places and can be found at legal Pueblo pot shops, as well as around the world, and in the past, when they even risked imprisonment, were and are open about their habit to use marijuana not only as an aid in relaxation, but also as a tool that helps them make the most of their creativity and marijuana usage has been and is associated with the subcultures related to numerous music styles and movements – here are some examples.


The special, eclectic tunes of rhythm and blues combined with ska and calypso that we know today as reggae music are very closely linked to marijuana consumption, especially when it comes to the songs created by Bob Marley. While many of Marley’s songs deal with topics related to social and political issues, he also had numerous songs that pay tribute to “kaya”, the word used in Jamaican slang for “herb” and “weed”, also synonyms of marijuana.

Rock and Roll

Much of the best of rock music has been created by composers who were passionate fans of the sticky green leaves and buds. The Beatles wrote several songs about their experiences related to marijuana, such as “Got to Get You into My Life”, written by Paul McCartney not to a lady, but to weed, after he tried the substance for the first time.

Other superstars and superbands of the genre, such as Neil Young, Black Sabbath, The Doors are also known to have been regular weed users and they also wrote many songs about the experience.

Hip Hop and Rap

Many songs that took the two musical styles to world fame were written under the influence of marijuana, what’s more, Cypress Hill, one of the most prominent hip hop groups has also launched the 4/20 music festival, the name being inspired from numbers that are so important for the weed smoking subculture. Numerous other hip hop and rap musicians share this passion for weed – Snoop Dog, for example, used smoking weed as an important theme in many of his songs and “Because I Got High”, the song that brought world fame to Afroman is also known to be among the best weed songs ever.

Soul and Mix Styles

When it comes to the relationship between soul music and marijuana culture, the name of Amy Winehouse comes to mind. Several of the late singer-composer’s songs deal with the topic and theme of addiction and she was also open about her marijuana habit, as she was about her addictive personality that not only made her try various substances, but also gave her the creativity to compose her exceptional songs.

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