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Recreational Marijuana Prices in the US: How Expensive Is Marijuana Throughout the Country?

How expensive is marijuana anyway? Since laws have changed and recreational marijuana has been legalized in more than half a dozen of the most important states in the US, the government has been working on putting together statistics to find out just how much cannabis could go for in all areas of the country, and how much tax revenue they could get from it.

Whether you’re with the IRS, or you just want to grow or have your own marijuana plants in the privacy of your own home, the price of weed and marijuana packaging labels Colorado associated expenses, can play a major role when it comes to influencing your decisions.

Evaluating Weed Prices Throughout the USA

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How expensive is marijuana in the US? This is a question that has been on the minds of marijuana users for a long time. Although the price itself can vary, and it tends to fluctuate in some areas, accurate statistics have been made available to map the general prices you’ll run into, depending on which state you live in or visit.

The marijuana pricing map typically favors those living in the center of the country and on the west coast. Here, prices can go from as high as $10 per gram in Dallas and Houston, down to about $7.80 in Denver and even as low as $7.58 per gram in Seattle – which is the lowest price you’ll find in the entire country.

In contrast, the eastern part of the United States has it rough. Here, probably because of the fact that far more people use weed on a regular basis, the prices are much greater. So you have anything from $10 to $11.50 in the area of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, to an exaggerated $18 per gram in the country’s capital.

Even though Washington DC prices are so high, people still use marijuana regularly on the east coast. In fact, New York is known as the state where you’ll find the most people who use weed.

Should You Just Go to Canada?

Living in the USA hasn’t always been considered an advantage for marijuana users and growers. Even though weed is more available now, the prices in some areas can be quite steep – especially if you live on the East Coast. So some people just point out that Canada might be a better option.

Now, Canada has big plans for weed users during the next few years. Here, Toronto is probably the best place to be, if you want to use cannabis. In Toronto, the price of weed is at about C$9.64 ($7.82), which is one of the lowest prices that you can compare with the typical lowest cost in the United States.

This means that Canada could possibly earn an estimated C$152 million per year from cannabis tax revenue paid solely in Toronto, as a result of the growing use of marijuana in the region.

As you can see, the question “how expensive is marijuana in the US” is certainly not an easy one to answer, and figuring out the less straightforward aspects of the matter – such as how to set your own prices, if you plan to grow cannabis – can be even trickier in some areas.

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