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What Are the Experts Saying About Microdosing Psylocibine Mushrooms?

If you live in an area where magic mushrooms are legal or where they’re close to becoming legalized, you’ve probably already thought of the idea of buying magic mushroom spores and growing them yourself, or just ordering some magic mushrooms online for microdosing purposes.

The fact is that, according not only to regular users of magic mushrooms, but to many experts as well, microdosing actually works. It provides a valid compromise between using too much to remain properly sober and too little to induce any viable health benefits, and it can have a lasting positive impact on your life.

According to a lot of experts, there are a few important benefits of microdosing that we have to take into account:

  • It offers many benefits that relate to mental health without impairing one’s ability to function in day-to-day life. Because the doses are so small, you won’t actually have to worry that you will fail to perform well at work or that you might get into a car crash.
  • It can help people calm down and think more clearly. Small doses of Psilocybin have been found to fend off anxiety and improve cognition.
  • Artists and anyone else working in creative fields can really benefit from an added creative boost when they microdose on psilocybin cubensis. They have not only been found to become better inspired in their work, but they also have greater energy, vitality and a willingness to explore new avenues.
  • Recently psilocybin has also been associated with treating severe depression. A recent study showed that certain doses of the substance can lead to patients suffering from depression experiencing an improved state of mind that can last for up to a year. Unfortunately, it’s still not fully clear to what extent microdosing can help in this regard, since dosages vary and for some the effects could be more pronounced compared to others.

Unfortunately, the practice of microdosing is somewhat vague, and there are still some questions and concerns that some experts point out. For instance, there still isn’t much scientific knowledge about the effects of psilocybin mushrooms and microdosing in larger populations. Research is scarce, and everyone’s body is different, so it’s important to keep track of how microdosing will affect you and whether or not you might have to increase or decrease your dosage.

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Another concern is that the illegality of psychedelic mushrooms in so many places makes it hard to convince anyone to give you funding for research. As a result, many brilliant researchers who might make a difference in the field could be marginalized and deterred from trying to study these mushrooms and what other advantages they might have to offer. It is possible in some states to purchase magic mushroom spores for research purposes only.

Despite all of this, psilocybin cubensis mushrooms can and have changed the lives of a lot of people, even while only being used in minute doses. Microdosing is rapidly becoming a trend, and as psilocybin is being legalized in more and more states and countries, the research grants will start coming in as well. It’s only a matter of time.

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